The following of my ready-to-use Common Lisp libraries are candidates for integration into Stream Lisp's core:

Library name Likelihood of integration Likelihood of adaptative changes
map-bind Definitely Little or no changes
positional-lambda Good candidate Possibly some changes
enhanced-eval-when Definitely No changes
enhanced-multiple-value-bind Definitely Effectively no changes, but see note 1.
macro-level If proven frequently useful No changes
cartesian-product-switch Definitely Little or no changes. Rename to "xswitch".
place-modifiers Definitely Little or no changes
anaphoric-variants Good candidate Little or no changes
multiple-value-variants Undetermined, experimental Many adaptative changes. Integrate tightly.
parse-number-range Good candidate. Blessed library? Little or no changes
bubble-operator-upwards Blessed library? Maybe more flexibility
incognito-keywords Good candidate Probably little or no changes
symbol-namespaces Undetermined, experimental Undetermined

Note 1: To the extent that there is a multiple-value-bind in Stream Lisp.

The following of my incomplete, work-in-progress Common Lisp libraries would be eventual candidates for integration into Stream Lisp's core, once they're ready.

("Likelihood of adaptative changes" is unknown since these are in an incomplete, and thus unstable, state. "Approximate state of completion" is as of . "Almost ready" refers to the amount of work left to do (on the particular library, not its dependencies), not when it will be done. striked through libraries will only have some of their ideas and code subsumed into their sibling libraries.)

Library name Likelihood of integration Approximate state of completion
definitions-systems Definitely Almost ready
Definitely Some good progress done
Definitely Lots of work done, global redesign pending.
option-lists High probability Early development phase
clos-relations Undetermined Stub
automixin Undetermined Stub
explicit-bind Definitely Almost ready. Blocked on many dependencies.
lispy-format Definitely Early development phase
phased-generic-functions Undetermined, experimental Incomplete
leanify-expand Good probability Stub
return-values-hints Definitely. See note 1. Almost ready
adaptable-reader Undetermined Stub
with-shadowed-bindings High probability. See note 2. Almost ready
clos-featuresets Good probability Almost ready
combining-alternatives Undetermined Stub
with-loop-edge-cases Good probability, if it pans out. Early design stage
evaluated-flet Definitely. See note 2. Incomplete

Note 1: In Common Lisp this has to be "bolted on" but in Stream Lisp such support will be integrated seamlessly, which will simplify everything.

Note 2: Used as part of explicit-bind.